Welcome to Our Inaugural Issue of "Homemade", The Makers' Almanac

Journey behind the scenes with us as we tour our makers' studios and learn more about their crafts, artistry and the passions that drive them. We are excited to bring you unique stories and products from artisans across the United States and beyond!

My grandmother was a large part of this issue. I’ve listened to her tell stories of her childhood since I was little. Working with her on the creation of this publication has been an absolute honor. I hope you’ll find yourself smiling each time you see her name in these pages! I’m also so excited to be working with my tried and true craftsmen again. Our Made in Texas Collection keeps growing and growing and this Spring we are adding new makers and artists to our collection. I can’t wait for you to hear their stories.

My heart has always been with the American entrepreneur. Maybe because I’ve been a single mom for awhile now and I can appreciate the necessity to provide for our families. Maybe it’s because I’m an artist at heart and have always wanted to showcase creatives. Or maybe it’s because in this political season, I see our chance of unity coming from a mutual respect of our neighbors. Either way, there’s too much talent and resources in our own backyard to not buy and support local. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving and supporting our mission at From: Susie. I pray these pages fill you with such delight!