Clothes Pin Tea Towel

$ 25.00

Made by Katie Curry, Honey Brush Designs, Chico, California

Katie was commissioned by Susie to design this tea towel for her grandmother. In reminiscing about the past, Norma Robb Thomason remembers her sweet childhood and her mother. The children were always sent to play while her mother (Susie’s great grandmother) worked tirelessly keeping up the home. Norma still has a clothespin of her mamas and this Clothespin Tea Towel pays tribute to the labor of love of the generations before us.

Flour sacks and feed sacks were recycled by many as a source of free textiles. Norma remembers her mother would cut out a small sample from a chicken feed sack they had to give to her daddy so he could purchase another bag with the same pattern. This would ensure she had enough fabric to make dresses for the girls.

If you’ve never used flour sack in your kitchen towels, you are in for a treat. The cotton provides water absorption unlike any other. It wrinkles terribly, but we think it only adds to the charm.

22"x 38"