Herb Seed Packets Set

$ 28.00

Main Street Seed & Supply x Ashley Slater, Nibby Ink, Centennial, Colorado

“We wanted to include something in the Décor Box that was hands on,” Susie says. “In a world of iPads and cell phones, getting your hands dirty in soil will literally ground you. My children love to play botanist and watch things grow, so this is something I want people to do with their children or loved ones. It requires a great deal of patience, but perhaps that’s what we all need.”

Susie’s great grandmother always had a garden of onions, radishes and beans. Home cooking was the only cooking Norma Robb Thomason knew. There was one old café, but they never, ever went out to eat. Even on road trips, it was a stop at the grocery store for bananas. We’re sharing her Deviled Egg Recipe in this issue for you to make at home. Use our herb seeds to grown your own Dill and Chives from Main Street Seed & Supply in Bay City, Michigan. More gardening tips are included in this issue.

6" x 4"

Sold as a set of 3.