Stay Put Towel Set

$ 28.00

Stay Put Towel Set Is sold as a set of 2. These towels are one hundred percent high quality cotton flour sack towels which feature black ticking stripes down the middle. Each set has black snaps that allow the towel to be wrapped around a towel bar, and oven or dishwasher handle when snapped in the front which allows the towels to stay put where you hang them. In addition, each towel includes a hanging loop,so you can style the towels differently if you choose.


100% Cotton


26” length x 16” width


Wash on delicate cycle; hang dry.



The Blessed Peach- Gainesville, Virginia

Alicia is the owner of The Blessed Peach, home of the Stay Put Towel.  A Virginia native, she enjoys traveling, crafting, scrapbooking, spending time with family and friends, and herfur babies. She loves to decorate, especially for each holiday and season. What began as a frustration, soon became a business! “I did not like that my towels kept falling off my stove or dishwasher handle. In my search for towels that would stay put and not fall, I could not find towels that looked classy and fit my decor theme as well.  So, I decided to make kitchen and bath towels that stay put. Hence, The Blessed Peach - Home of the Stay Put Towel (TM) was started!” she says.

Simply hold the towel with the front facing you, then grab each corner with snaps in your hands. Next, take the top two corners and lay them over your towel bar, and pull the side with the snaps down some. Take each corner with the snaps and bring them to the front. Finally, snap the towel together and adjust to your liking. If you would like to watch a video on how to display your towel with different folds, please visit her Etsy Shop: The Blessed Peach. Under the "about" section, you will find a video that provides step by step instructions.

*Fabric is imported, snaps and assembly finished in the USA.



Instagram: @theblessedpeach