Hand-strung Orange Slice Garland

$ 38.00 $ 20.00

Iris and Evergreen, North Carolina, USA

Traditions of time come alive with this hand-strung garland uniquely styled by Samantha, owner of Iris and Evergreen. A nod to the dried fruit garlands of Christmases past, Samantha has used Texas-cut acrylic circles and her digital art skills to make realistic looking orange slices, strung with cypress wood beads, cinnamon sticks, and red wooden "cranberry" beads. Handmade in North Carolina, the garlands are each hand strung on hunter green yarn, leaving a slip knot at each end for ease of use.

Orange Slice Garlands are a beautiful and simple way to dress up a tree, mantle, or window frame. This garland can be made cozy by layering with a knit garland, or keep it fresh and simple by hanging it solo or with a our Cedar Sprigs. This timeless piece is a festive and reminiscent element that can be styled in many ways for years to come.

Approx. 85"

Recommended to store in a cool, dry place. The orange slices may be scratched by the cinnamon sticks if not stored carefully. We suggest you stack oranges against one another and wrap in tissue paper to store. The slip knots can be cut off or re-tied as they are not responsible for holding the garland together.