Waffle Weave Oversized Towel

$ 68.00

Waffle Weave Oversized Towel – Deeply textured and chunky, this creamy linen/cotton blend oversized towel and hand towel can suit many purposes. Bath/spa towel, beach blankets, baby blanket, or throw. However you choose to use it, you will feel luxurious.
Eco friendly fabric, these towels are hand stitched and pre-washed in small batches on the coast of Maine by Daria at Luksin Designs. She is passionate about using Maine based stitchers and manufacturers to help produce the perfect products.
As individuals we have opportunities to support the environment through so many small actions, every day. Being conscious of the things we buy and make is one way we can take responsibility for our impact on the world around us, which is why Luksin Designs uses ethically and sustainably sourced materials.