Set of 6 Orange Cedar + White Epoxy Stone Ornaments

$ 48.00

Handmade by Modern Ark Woodworking, Fort Worth, Texas

The process starts at the harvesting of lumber. Partnering with a local farmer, the husband and wife team at Modern Ark acquired tree stumps that would otherwise be burned in brushfires across the state of Texas. They dry, clean, and slice the stumps into hundreds of pieces at a time in such a way that gives a live edge piece of lumber for every ornament. Mixing the epoxy and mineral powder is the next step to creating a beautiful stone white consistency. Once the ornaments are completely sanded and cut, they finish them with penetrating oil, drill the hole for the strap, and finish with lacing the leather through the hole.

Susie has a love for the unexpected. In creating these for the Décor Box, unconventional shapes were created with a stone-like texture that you might not have seen done before. Light cognac leather was chosen to elevate the overall look, and because these are made in Texas, is there even another way?!

May these ornaments add an extra layer of magic to your Christmas season. Hang them on the tree, use as place settings, dress up a bottle of wine, or use in your gift wrapping.