Set of 2 Leather Hangers

$ 35.00

Made by Wickett & Craig x 8fD Designs

Although simple in design, these leather hooks have quickly become a staff favorite. We’ve sourced the leather from Wickett & Craig, one of only two vegetable tanneries left in the United States. Vegetable tanning is a natural, eco-friendly process that results in the richest leather with the longest longevity. The raw material is jumbo, heavy native steers from North America. A lot of hard work goes into this family focused business that’s been around since 1867.

With Susie’s sketches of a minimalist hook, the team at 8fD Designs has created a modern twist on hand cut strips of leather with brass screws. We suggest you use these to hang dish towels in the kitchen or hanging baskets through out the home. You can hang a rod between two hooks to serve as a towel bar or purchase a large hoop to hang heavier throw blankets. Sold as a set of 2.

5.25" L