Mini Knots

$ 38.00

Rustic Occasions, California, USA


Rustic Occasions is a husband and wife team based in Northern California. "Over the last 8 years, we have loved growing our business from a hobby into a full time job for the both of us. Using reclaimed wood to create beautiful home decor has become our passion. It feels great to give new life to something that would probably end up in the landfill," says Aimee and Wayne Cox.

Aimee does all of the designing, cutting, marketing, and social media, while Wayne deconstructs barns and structures to acquire the wood. In addition, he prepares the wood for assembly, hauls endless amounts of product from one place to another and does the majority of the heavy lifting.

These particular wooden knots are made from old growth coastal Redwood rafter beams that Wayne removed from an 1890’s barn. One of Tina’s favorite decor pieces has been revamped for the Spring Décor Box. Enjoy this chippy spin on Rustic Occasions’ best selling decorative accent. It is the perfect year round accessory to style on bookshelves, coffee tables seasonal vignettes.


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