Custom Stamped Books

$ 34.00

Reef Rain Aria, Florida, USA

Growing up in Cape Cod, Jessica has always loved crafting, giving new life to older finds and creating something unique since she was a little girl. “I have always painted and redone furniture; I love to decorate and style rooms. I used to spend time in my bedroom repainting bookshelves as a kid,” Jessica Smith describes. A move to Florida introduced her to her husband, Brandon, who is an instrumental part of running Reef Rain Aria’s operations and online shop.

Reef Rain Aria creates custom and personalized made to order items including bracelets and decorative books from Jessica & Brandon’s home studio. The jewelry is simple yet timeless. The goal is having go-to sets to wear on a casual day with leggings or to dress up on a date night.

Family and community are woven throughout each detail of Reef Rain Aria. The shop is named after her kid’s middle names, and each bracelet collection is represented by a name inspired by one of her kid’s or an outside source of baby names.

Reef Rain Aria books are published with favorite quotes and hand drawn florals on the inside! The book cover is removed to reveal the top page and provide the stack of books with a unique, vintage charm. For this exclusive collaboration, Susie, Jessica and Tina chose a quote that is framed in Tina’s living room, “Breathe... you’re home.” What a beautiful reminder to simply let go and rest in your sanctuary when you style this set of books on your shelves, console or coffee table.

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