Vintage Insulator Set

$ 30.00

Sold as a set of 3, these found insulators are the perfect vintage accent. Use them as paper weights or on shelving for an antique touch!

2.5” x 4”H


Insulators were originally designed to keep the wires linking telegraphs and telephones insulated from the wooden poles that held them aloft. In conjunction with the expansion of rural electrification in the early 20th century, there was a major boom in the manufacturing of insulators, with production peaking from the 1920s through the 1940s, when millions of Hemingray, Dominion, and Brookfield insulators were produced every year. Commonly made from glass or porcelain in a dazzling array of shapes and colors, including amber, cobalt blue, olive green (one shade is known among insulator collectors as “Seven-Up”), and royal purple, antique insulators are prized for their rarity and physical beauty. In collector’s circles, clear and aqua shades are considered generic because they result from the natural iron content present in most glassmaking materials. Some insulators were embossed with a manufacturer’s name and style number using engraved molds, yet many antique and vintage insulators were produced without any markings whatsoever.